Planning Application Form/Ownership Certificate

Planning Application Form/Ownership Certificate

What Information is required?

Application form

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Types of application and criteria

All applications

The simplest way to submit an application is online via the Planning Portal. Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online.

Declaration must be signed and dated.

Provide full contact details of the applicant and/or agent (where appropriate).


Information required

If Certificate B or C applies please use the owner notification form

1 copy

Types of application and criteria

All applications

Except for:

  1. Applications for Lawful Development Certificates (existing or proposed)
  2. Reserved matters applications
  3. Advertisements
  4. Tree works
  5. Prior notifications


Certificate A if the applicant is the sole owner of the site or you have a leasehold[2] interest which has at least 7 years to run and the site is not part of an agricultural holding[3].

Certificate B if the applicant is not the owner of the site (or only owns part) and the applicant knows who owns the site (or the other parts) or there is an agricultural tenant on any part of the land/building.

Certificate C if there is more than one owner and the applicant knows some but not all of the owners of the site.

Certificate D if the applicant does not know any owners of the site.

For C and D all reasonable steps must be taken to find the landowner. This must include advertising in a local newspaper and providing a copy of the advert  

[1] Note: By law you must notify all people who have an interest in the site. This is necessary even when only a small part of your building such as guttering or foundations goes over the boundary of the application land.

[2] Long leaseholders (with more than 7 years remaining) are treated as owners and should complete Certificate A.

[3] Agricultural holding has the meaning derived from the definition of agricultural tenant in section 65(8) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990


Guidance and links to further information

Use the Planning Portal to submit your application online.

If you need a paper form you can download as required. The Planning Portal has a step by step guide to help you pick the right form.

All sections and questions must be answered.