Existing Floor Plans

Existing Floor Plans

Types of application and criteria

All applications proposing new or amended floor space and/or proposals to alter existing buildings.


  1. Prior notification application.
  2. Works to trees.
  3. Applications to vary or delete planning conditions.

Further Guidance

  1. Draw to an appropriate metric scale for example, 1:50 or 1:100.
  2. Must show the proposed openings to accord with the elevations. This should include the width of glazing bars and other details where relevant, line drawings are not acceptable.
  3. Drawings should show details of existing buildings where relevant, in relation to proposed buildings as well as any differences in topography in relation to the existing buildings.
  4. Where existing buildings or walls are to be demolished these should be clearly shown.
  5. For change of use applications (where internal alterations are proposed) - must show existing and proposed layout of rooms.