Fitness Classes

Our fantastic range of fitness classes can be accessed on a pay as you go basis, or by taking out a Premier Fitness Membership – entitling you to unlimited weekly attendances to fitness classes as well as the gym. Below is a description of some of our classes which can be found on our timetable.

Please note classes described may or may not be on our timetable due to seasonal or instructor variances – make sure you have the most up to date timetable and check at reception for time or class changes at time of booking.

Please consult a doctor before participating in any activity. If you are pregnant, have any medical conditions or any significant changes to your health you must make your instructor aware of this.

Please use the changing areas and lockers provided for all personal belongings.

Appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity you are taking part in must be worn.

Before starting your workout please remember to pay or show your membership card at the main Reception. Please keep your receipt and show it to your instructor on entering the gym or class.

Bring a towel with you on each visit and wipe down equipment after use.

Bring water with you and drink before, during and after your class or workout to avoid dehydration.

If there is continually less than 4 people attending a fitness class it may be taken of the timetable.

Please note - only those taking part in the fitness class are allowed in the studio or room where the class is taking part during the class, with no exceptions.

Download the fitness class timetable

Class Description
Ab Blast Class focused on exercise for the abdominal muscles and core stability.
Aqua Aerobics Water workout class that uses the natural resistance of the water.
BTT (Bums, Tums & Thighs) High impact aerobics and toning exercises focusing on the lower body.
Circuits Complete body workout with stations to improve stamina, speed, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.
Combat High energy CV workout combining simple non-contact martial arts type moves.
Flexible Strength A mind / body class which is a blend of Yoga & Pilates to improve core strength, flexibility and posture.
Gentle Aerobics Low intensity class with easy to follow routines.
Kettlebell Training A whole body conditioning class that helps build lean muscle mass and shed fat.
Pilates Mat based core stability class. Great for toning and posture. May not be suitable for those with disc problems.
Step/Step & Tone Step based aerobic classes that burn calories and tone the body.
Spin High energy indoor cycling class. Great calorie burner and cardiovascular workout.
Total Tone Adaptable class, using equipment and weights, bringing together elements from the entire aerobics programme.
Yogacise Controlled movements to increase balance, co-ordination, flexibility and improve concentration and relaxation.
Yoga Cobra Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga which is designed to introduce people to a wide variety of free flowing styles of yoga. It involves flowing yoga movements, natural body movements, stretching and strength development.
Functional Circuits High energy class targeting core strength and cardiovascular fitness using bodyweight or equipment.
Metafit Bodyweight training, the workout that keeps working. High intensity and high energy class.
Zumba Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning dance fitness party.
Prime Movers Classes for the more mature person and those new to exercise – see our Prime Movers page for more information on this accessible exercise and activity range.
Healthy Hearts Stage 3 Circuit Class Suitable for referrals who have completed stage 1 & 2 classes, the older exerciser, the new to exercise or anyone with an underlying health condition. It is a low intensity circuit which takes a whole body approach with a range of Cardiovascular and Muscular Strength & Endurance stations.

Booking is advised for all fitness classes except Zumba.  Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance by phone on 01283 508865 or 01283 508882 or in person.