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Delicious Direct

Our exclusive restaurant boasts a carefully selected Pizza, Burgers Takeaway Menu that includes all your favourite dishes in one comprehensive listing.

Our extensively thought-out menu has something for everyone. With more than just a nod to fast food classics, which are the inspiration behind our starting up, we also have other tasty meals prepared with love. Come and indulge yourself in some of our signature meals that include the irresistible Cheese Burger and the Crispy Pepperoni Pizza served with some extra cheese.

Our menu also has some good old classics like chips and chicken, wraps, garlic bread, salad and dips. Maybe you are not hungry and you just want to quench your thirst with a cold beverage. Or perhaps you want to accompany your meal with a drink. Whatever the reason, our menu has a range of soft drinks for you like Diet Pepsi, Tango Orange, 7-Up and Water.

Take time to explore our devotedly prepared menu and feel free to ask for clarification whenever you want. We will be there to help you pick the right meal for the occasion. Our friendly staff will guide you through the menu if you are visiting our restaurant for the first time. You will never feel out of place with us.

We believe in quality and authenticity; there is zero chance of us serving you sub-standard or fusion dishes. What a better way to kill hunger pangs than to try different meals in our menu. You just might get a new favourite meal!

Opening Times:

Monday-Saturday 12.00-22.00