Learning & Development

East Staffordshire Borough Council is committed to developing the skills and knowledge of our workforce to meet the current and future needs of the organisation. We aim to develop and nurture talent within the organisation, and for each member of staff to play an active part in helping the Council to achieve our corporate priorities and continuously improve. 


When you join East Staffordshire Borough Council you will have access to our e-learning induction programme, which will ensure that you quickly settle into your new role.  This induction provides essential information about the Council, including its policies and structure.   

Employee Development

East Staffordshire Borough Council has a well established process of performance management for employees, which includes regular appraisals.  As part of the appraisal process, any development and relevant training that you require will be identified.  

An annual programme of training courses is available to staff, based on the development needs identified through appraisals.  This suite of courses encompasses everything from first aid and equality training to customer service and leadership development.

We also promote and encourage the development of employee skills through secondment opportunities and project work. 


The Council’s post-entry training scheme provides staff with the opportunity to study towards recognised qualifications that are relevant to their current or likely future roles, sponsored by the Council.  

Many of our employees have gained professional qualifications, degrees and post graduate awards whilst they have been working at East Staffordshire Borough Council.