Immigration inspections

If you are not a British Citizen or a citizen of one the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, you may need an entry clearance before you travel to the UK.

People from certain countries, known as visa nationals, need an entry clearance to enter the UK for any reason; those from other countries need one only for some reasons: for example, to live as the wife or husband of a British Citizen.

UK Visas can advise you whether you need a visa or entry clearance to enter or travel through the UK.

Entry clearance is the formal term to describe the application process for visa nationals who wish to travel to the United Kingdom and for non visa nationals who intend a longer stay or to settle in the UK. The entry clearance certificate, more commonly called a visa, is placed in your passport or travel document. The job of an entry clearance officer at a British mission overseas is to decide if you qualify for entry before you travel to the United Kingdom.

The entry clearance officer may ask for evidence that your proposed accommodation in the UK is adequate and will not become overcrowded as a result of your visit. East Staffordshire Borough Council does not provide this type of evidence but any qualified body independent of the applicant or sponsor may prepare a report confirming the status of the proposed accommodation. The following people have advised the Council that they offer this service:


Consultant Surveyor, Rushton Hickman Limited, 186 Horninglow Street, Anson Court, Burton upon Trent, DE14 1NG

Tel 01283 517747. email:

Peter Woodthorpe

Network Surveyors & Valuers, 34 Beam Hill Road, Stretton, Burton upon Trent, DE13 0AE

Tel 07816 878745

Stephen Jones FRICS

Archway House, North Mill, Bridgefoot, Belper, DE56 1YD

Tel 01773 880012. Fax 01773 880828. email

If you require any further information please contact:

Housing Standards Team
Tel: 01283 508680