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Great Results Achieved in Stretton, Uttoxeter and Anglesey

Each year the Council’s Community and Civil Enforcement (CCEO) team work with other departments and agencies to deliver a number of high profile initiatives in various wards across the Borough. This year work has taken place in the Stretton ward in April, the Uttoxeter and Heath wards in June and the Anglesey ward in July.

In Stretton the Officers carried out bin contamination checks and engaged with and educated dog owners on responsible dog ownership. Specific areas covered included Stretton Woodlands, Beech Lane and Clay Pitts, along with James Brindley footpath, Hillfield Lane Park and the Jinny Trail.

The main issues encountered during the Uttoxeter initiative (including Heath) included littering, dog fouling, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour. Whilst only one Fixed Penalty was issued during the initiative for a littering offence, it gave the team the opportunity to educate on responsible dog ownership and the importance of having a receptacle to pick up dog waste, as well as gathering other issues raised by residents. The CCEO’s spoke to 62 people to check they had suitable dog bags and issued 16 penalty charge notices to illegally parked vehicles on council owned car parks.

Anglesey was the third ward to be visited for the week long initiative by the team and a full programme of engagement was undertaken to educate and enforce on any offences that occurred such as fly-tipping, littering, anti-social behaviour and dog fouling offences.

The team recorded 210 jobs across the Borough with 118 relating to fly-tipping, 49 were dog related, 14 were bin related, 12 related to anti-social behaviour, 10 to littering and the remainder for other issues such as parking offences.

Cllr Bernard Peters, Deputy Leader for Regulatory and Community Support, commented: “These week long events highlight issues within the wards and give residents the opportunity to discuss any problems they might have with the  Community and Civil Enforcement Team who will ensure that they are dealt with in the most appropriate way to achieve a positive outcome.

“The team are passionate and dedicated to their role and are a valuable entity to both the Council and residents of East Staffordshire. There are future initiatives planned for Burton, Horninglow, Branston, Brizlincote, Stapenhill, Eton and Shobnall”.

Should you wish to contact the team you can do so via their email community.civil_enforcement@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk or Tel: 01283 508036

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