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Councils Planning for Burton’s Future

At the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 24th June 2019 East Staffordshire Borough Council members endorsed the findings of the Burton upon Trent Regeneration Strategy.

In 2018 East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council commissioned consultants to undertake the production of a Regeneration Strategy for Burton upon Trent. The consultants, led by Cushman & Wakefield, have produced a thought provoking Strategy that has analysed future opportunities which could lead to the creation of positive social and financial benefits for Burton upon Trent. This includes a range of short, medium and long term improvement projects and changes that, if implemented, could go on to create conditions to improve liveability and growth over the next 30 years to ensure “a Better, Brighter, Burton”.

Cllr George Allen, Deputy Leader for Regeneration and Planning Policy said: “Over the last 12 months a significant amount of work has been undertaken by the Consultants and both Councils and we are pleased to announce that the Strategy has been completed.

“We are well aware that Towns and Cities across the country are facing huge challenges. This strategy is another step in our Regeneration Programme which is geared toward creating a vibrant and attractive Burton which will have a unique place in the area’s economy and be well placed to adapt to the opportunities in the future.

“We remain committed to working with partners in both the public and private sector to improve and enhance Burton for the benefit of the taxpayer who entrust us with their money.”

Staffordshire County Council’s Economic Growth Leader Mark Winnington said: “We continue to work closely with the Borough Council to further regenerate Burton upon Trent and ensure it continues to be an attractive place to live work and visit for years to come. Burton is a thriving town and plays an important part in the county’s economic growth. A range of proposals have been suggested and we now look forward to fully exploring them.”

Jonathan Tutt, Associate at Cushman and Wakefield said: “Our time studying the town, working with the Councils and speaking with local organisations and business representatives, revealed a “can do” attitude underpinned by local pride, friendliness, and loyalty, which is being supported by continued investment. Whilst this is very encouraging, the purpose of the study was to be aware of the further potential of Burton leading up to 2050, and anticipating and tackling threats that could have an effect in later years if not addressed.

“In shaping a response to these challenges, we were very keen to emphasise the town’s location, positioning it as ‘by the River Trent’, ‘in the National Forest’ and effectively the ‘heart of the Midlands’. Helping people and businesses travel easily around the town is a theme at the heart of the strategy; the town’s connectivity must be “future proofed” at all scales, from ensuring that the town centre is easier to walk around and enjoy, through to safeguarding its reputation across the Midlands as being an “easy in / easy out” destination.”

The completion of the Strategy makes up another phase of the Councils’ Burton Town Regeneration Programme which was launched in February 2017 and focuses on improving the appeal of Burton to residents, visitors and businesses.

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