Smoke control areas

Local authorities are able to declare ‘smoke control areas’ in order to improve air quality.

In East Staffordshire, most of Burton upon Trent has been declared a smoke control area. View a searchable and zoomable map.  You may need to refresh your browser when loading the map.  Use the tick box on the left of the map screen to select 'Smoke Control Areas', which will make the declared areas appear shaded in blue.  You can search by address using the control at the bottom of the lefthand sidebar.

In these areas it is an offence for the occupier of a building to allow smoke emission from a chimney unless it is produced by an ‘authorised fuel’, although it is recognised that there may be times when certain of these fuels may cause periods of light smoke emission. It should be noted that coal, oil and wood are not authorised fuels.

When complaints of this nature are received officers will attempt to witness the nuisance, where this is not possible the Statutory Nuisance procedure is followed to gain the necessary evidence.  Any appliance and chimney system will suffer from smoke produced from wet wood, view this leaflet for furhter information.

However, there are certain fireplaces exempt from these restrictions, please contact the pollution team for further information, or visit where a full list of authorised fuels and exempted fireplaces can be found.