Noise Action Week

Noise Action Week is an annual campaign aimed at promoting consideration between neighbours and encourages people to think about the noise they make and what can be done to reduce it.

Noise Action Week 2015 Logo

Did you know the Pollution Team dealt with over 400 complaints last year? The most common types of noise complaints that we receive are about loud music, parties, people noise and barking dogs.

Noise can stretch a person’s tolerance to the limit. To become a better neighbour there are some simple things that you should and shouldn’t do.

What should you do

  • Be considerate and reasonable for the time of day that you make noise
  • Communicate with your neighbours if you are going to be noisier than normal
  • Play music/TV at a reasonable level
  • Allow children to play but make sure they don’t get too raucous
  • Take an active role in training pets to reduce noise
  • Remember we may have different lifestyles but we all have to live alongside one another – be tolerant and considerate

What shouldn't you do

  • Play music or the TV too loud
  • Allow your animals i.e., dogs, birds etc, to make a persistent noise
  • Shout or argue at anti social times of the day
  • Slam or bang doors
  • Carry out D.I.Y or household chores at anti social times of the day
  • Run up and down stairs continually
  • Allow children to throw or kick a ball against a wall constantly

If you are suffering from unreasonable noise, then we recommend that you:-

  1. Speak with your neighbour
  2. Put a polite note through their door
  3. Speak to us, the Pollution Team on 01283 508524 or visit