Foxes frequent towns and are common throughout most of our cities. True urban dwellers, they are born there, live there and breed without seeing the countryside.

They reside in underground burrows, which they either dig themselves, enlarge rabbit holes or live amongst badgers. Dens can be found under greenhouses, sheds or even industrial buildings.


There are two species of mice, which can be found in houses, garages and in warm buildings commonly house mice and field mice.

Mice cause problems in houses because of gnawing through food containers and electric cables but also from spreading diseases by eating and excreting over human food.


Rats can spread disease and cause damage to materials, foodstuffs and structures by gnawing and burrowing. The most common species found in the UK, is the brown or common rat, which will seek any environment that provides it with warmth, food and shelter.

In homes, they can live in loft spaces, cavity walls, under floorboards and in public sewers, which when become damaged allow the rat entry to your property.


Squirrels belong to a family of rodents. Squirrels are generally small animals, have slender bodies with bushy tails and large eyes. The colour of squirrels is generally either red or grey.

Squirrels can cause damage to houses by knawing at facia boards, joists, electrical wiring and belongings, which increases the risk of fire hazards and is costly to repair. They usually make their nests in loft spaces where they make their nests (dreys) out of the insulation and near food sources i.e. bird tables, other birds’ nests (and eggs).