Dogs FAQs

Should I get my dog a collar?

Yes, this is a legal requirement of the Control of Dogs Order 1992. You should put your name, address, and ideally a contact number on the tag, so you can be contacted in the event your dog is lost. You can get engraved tags from large pet stores.

Should I get my dog chipped?

Yes. If your dog is lost, then having it chipped is the best way to ensure it will be returned to you. All dogs collected by ESBC will be scanned upon arrival at the kennel to see if they are chipped.

If you take ownership of a dog that is already chipped, you should get in touch with Petlog to update the contact details stored against the chip identification number. This will ensure you are contacted if the dog is scanned.

I've lost my dog. Who can help me find him/her?

In the first instance, check the local area to see if the dog can be found, or if any of your neighbours have taken the animal in. Also, there are several organisations who can help reunite pets with their owners. The 'Useful Contacts' page holds web addresses for these, and further information is available on our 'Strays & Lost Dogs' page.

I've found a dog. What should I do?

Check to see if the dog wears a collar which has owner and address details. If so, attempt to contact the owner in order to return the pet. Otherwise, check with your neighbours to see if they are the owner (or know who the owner is). If you can take the dog to a vet, they can see if it is microchipped, and can try and contact the owner if so. Otherwise, please contact us as we can make arrangements for the dog to be collected and kennelled. See our 'Strays & Lost Dogs' page for further information.