Council tax empty homes

Empty Homes Review

In support of the Government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing, East Staffordshire Borough Council is currently undertaking a review of empty Council Tax properties.

Please update the property records for your address here.

Furnished properties not used as anyone’s main home

From the date a property becomes unoccupied but remains furnished and it is not used as anyone’s main home, you will not be entitled to any discount and a full charge is payable.

Where the taxpayer or spouse occupies another property and one of the properties is contractually job-related, you may be entitled to a 50% discount.

Unfurnished properties

If a property is empty/unfurnished and unoccupied you may be entitled to a 100% discount for up to one month.

If a property is undergoing or requires major repairs or structural alterations, you may be entitled to a 50% discount for up to 12 months.

A full charge becomes payable at the expiry of the periods referred to above.

See the council tax exemptions page for more information.

Council Tax Penalties

The Council can impose a penalty if you fail to notify the authority of any changes to your circumstances.

Read more about council tax penalties