Proposed removal of public payphones by British Telecommunications PLC: Consultation

On Friday 25 November the Local Planning Authority will begin a 42 day consultation following notification for a proposal by British Telecommunications Plc for the removal of public call boxes pursuant to Part 2 of the Schedule to a Direction published by Ofcom on 14th March 2006. Letter and copies of the notice will be provided to the relevant parish councils to make them aware of the proposals and to provide the opportunity to comment. Below is a list of the phone boxes proposed for removal. The LPA will be collecting and collating responses.

The payphones that BT proposes to remove.

Although the proposals to remove the payphones have not been put forward by the council, and the decision as to whether or not a payphone is removed does not lie with us either, the council is responsible for consulting the local community on the proposals.

If you have any comments on the proposed removal of a specific payphone please let us know what you think and why, and write to us by:

Email: or
Post: F.A.O. Andrea Smith, Planning Department, East Staffordshire Borough Council, The Maltsters, Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1LS.

Please ensure that any comments reach us by 5pm on Friday 6th January 2017 at the latest. We will not be able to consider late comments as there are further procedures Ofcom require us to follow before we can advise BT whether or not we object.