Mark Tomordy

My name is Mark Tomordy, and I have worked with the council since May 2009.

Mark Tomordy

I am currently employed as a Community and Civil Enforcement Officer.

My role is to establish links in the local community and make communities a safer, cleaner, and greener place for all to enjoy.  This is achieved through engagement, education and, where necessary, enforcement action against individuals whose behaviour lets our communities down.

The main areas I have been dealing with recently are people who fail to clean up after their dogs, fly tipping complaints, littering and parking issues.

Any issues you may have in the borough, you are welcome to raise them with myself. Although I will not be personally dealing with all the issues, I will be happy to pass them on to a member of my team, or the relevant person in the council who can help you.

Mark Tomordy


Telephone: 01283 508856

Mobile: 07966 342 217