Safety and Security Project

About the Project

This element of the project has assessed Burton Town Centre regarding “safety and security”, to identify if improvements were required to better protect members of the public.

Having made this assessment, Andressey Passage was identified as an area of interest. Located in-between 163-164 High Street, Burton upon Trent, leading to Friars Walk and the memorial gardens, Andressey Passage is a narrow passageway which has attracted crime and anti-social behaviour.

Consultation has taken place with key stakeholders who either required, or desired, access to the passage way to assess opinion when deciding upon the best option for the future of the passageway. Public opinion was also considered following the publication of an article in the Burton Mail.

Following this consultation process the decision has been made to consider the feasibility of improving the area by working closely with the local businesses to come up with a suitable public realm solution.

Project Management Teams
Open Spaces Team - 01283 508776 – Cultural Services Portfolio
Enterprise Team - 01283 508664 – Enterprise Portfolio