Coronavirus: Waste

To help protect our bin crews and maintain waste collection services here in East Staffordshire, please follow the guidance issued by Government if you are self-isolating or displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

Other ESBC services affected by Coronavirus

East Staffordshire residents are being given the opportunity to ‘do their bit’ for the environment by composting kitchen and garden waste. East Staffordshire Borough Council have signed up to a Countywide home composting scheme, which means that residents in East Staffordshire can purchase reduced price compost bins and accessories.  *To order please visit or phone 0844 5714444.

Home composting is the ideal way to waste less, recycle more and save money too. Simply putting most kitchen and garden waste into a compost bin will produce a free supply of rich brown compost, keeping the garden blooming year after year.

Home composters are available in the 220 litre and 330 litre sizes and prices start from £19.00. Water butts are also available to buy through the scheme.

Visit Recycle Now for some Home Composting Tips

*For a limited time, Staffordshire residents can purchase reduced price compost bins on special offer. 

The special offer is as follows:

  • 220L black compost bins reduced from £19 to £10
  • 330L black compost bins reduced from £21.50 to £12
  • Residents will still be required to pay the delivery fee of £5.99 per order
  • Each household can order up to 2 bins at the special offer rate.

Soil Conditioning Compost

Soil conditioning compost produced through the in vessel composting process is available at the Greenhouse Gardening and Environmental Centre, Stapenhill Cemetery, Stapenhill Road, Burton upon Trent, DE15 9AE.

The conditioning compost is available in 40 litre bags at a cost of £2.50

Call cost

0844: The standard cost from a BT landline is 5p per minute plus a setup charge.  Other providers may charge more.