Important Notice: 26th February 2021

The Council has been experiencing technical difficulties with the small refuse collection vehicle that is uses to collect waste from those properties which we cannot access using a standard 26-tonne vehicle. This may have resulted in your bin not being collected as normal during the week. If you have been affected, please leave your bin out in its normal presentation point and we will try to collect it as soon as possible, including on Saturday.

If we are unable to reach you, we will collect additional side waste on your next scheduled collection.  Up to 3 additional clear/white open bin liners of blue bin recycling and up to 3 additional bin liners of grey bin waste may be put out for collection with your blue and grey bin respectively.

The Council would like to apologise for any inconvenience.

Use our search facility to find out what day your bins are to be collected and to download a calendar.

You can order a new, replacement or repair to a bin or let us know if you think we've missed your bin collection.

Find out what you can and what you can't put into each bin.

We can collect domestic appliances, furniture and similar household items up to a maximum of 10 items.

There are four household recycling centres in and around East Staffordshire.

There are also a number of smaller recycling banks around East Staffordshire.

Everyday millions of things that could be reused or recycled end up being thrown away. Here are some tips to help you create less waste.