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 Schools in East Staffordshire

Schools, Colleges and Nurserys

School Closures

The County Council website has a page listing schools that are closed Click here for more information

The schools services is ran by the County Council and you can use their website for services such as apply for primary and secondary school admission, catchment areas and governors. 

You can find your nearest primary and secondary school by selecting your ward from our East Staffs Map.

Popular Services

Admissions to Schools, Colleges and Nurserys

School Choice Advice

Term Dates and School Holidays

Exam Timetable

Travel help for students going to college and school


County Council Schools and Colleges Website

East Staffs Map

Use edubase to search for your nearest education establishment

 Choosing a School

The information on this page is designed to help you to choose the right school for your child. - widest range of government information and services online

The government offers the following advice and information on aspects of Choosing a School.

Knowing the system:

Finding a school:

Starting school:


  • Finding A School - Ensure you find the most suitable school for your child’s needs.
  • Types Of School - For first-time parents, searching through the various school systems may seem a little overwhelming. Click on the link to find out more!
  • Specialist Schools - This link gives further information on the nature and types of specialist schools.

Choosing A School:

Government Departments & Agencies:

  • Department for Education & Skills The Departments aims to give children an excellent start in education and enable young people to equip themselves with life and work skills.
  • OFSTED The Office for Standards in Education is a non-ministerial government department whose main aim is to help improve the quality and standards of education and childcare through independent inspection and regulation.

Further Information:

  • Funbrain - Part of the Family Education Network, this interactive sight contains subject-based games and information for children, parents and teachers.
  • BBC - Schools - If your wondering about the subjects you or your children study at school then why not try the BBC Schools Website for a comprehensive guide. The site also contains a Bitesize Revision Guide
  • Bullying Online Life can be a misery when you're being bullied at school. This site contains advice to help you or your child cope with bullying.

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