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Following on from the ESBC climate change strategy, there are many thing that ESBC has done so far in relation to climate change. Please follow the links below to find out more. 

Staff Engagement

Energy Saving for a Better Climate

When new staff are employed at ESBC, they are required to complete a series of online induction tasks. We have included a climate change induction booklet in this package and this can be found on the following link. Please feel free to read our Induction Leaflet and adapt it for your organisation.

Other initiatives include

  • Initiating energy awareness training for staff using the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust
  • Trailing free Taster Tickets from a local bus company to encourage staff to use public transport
  • Lending energy monitors to staff, allowing individuals to calculate their own carbon footprint
  • Distributing posters from the Carbon Trust around the building to raise awareness of turning off lights, keeping fridge doors shut and controlling the heating levels
  • Placing stickers around the council buildings on switching lights off
  • Organising car free days to encourage staff to find an alternative way of travelling to work
  • Promoting the Cycle Scheme within ESBC to allow staff to purchase tax-free bikes if they use them to travel to work
  • Promoting the Carbon Calculator on the Staff Briefing to allow staff to calculate their carbon footprint

Public Engagement

We place regular articles in the ES News highlighting the importance of climate change. These can all be found here

Other initiatives include

  • Hosting an Energy Saving Trust 'Green Communities' course on ‘Energy Auditing in Community Buildings’
  • Arranging a climate change film season at the Brewhouse Arts Centre showing The Inconvenient Truth, The 11th Hour and The Age of Stupid
  • Showing a number of climate change related displays, over a climate change season at the Brewhouse
  • Advertising the Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme on the website, which attracted over 500 applications in East Staffordshire alone
  • Giving out free promotional material such as climate change books and cotton bags at initiatives
  • Compiling case studies on good practice in the area
  • Supporting local low carbon communities in the area, such as the Tutbury Eco Power group
  • Attending events such as the Gardening Olympics and the Community Games. Further information is found here 
  • Placing the cycle routes for East Staffordshire on the website
  • Commencing work in the Anglesey area on energy efficiency and carbon reductions

Other Initiatives of Interest

  • We have currently reviewing the travel plan for the organisation. The aim of the review is to support and encourage staff to occasionally consider alternative modes of travel away from single occupancy car use. This will reduce our carbon footprint, improve air quality and save on fuel costs
  • The organisation will shortly be undertaking a green fleet review to again reduce our carbon footprint and improve the fuel efficiency of our fleet 
  • We completed the Energy Saving Trust one to one support programme and were selected to be a One to One case study
  • We recently ran a climate change film competition for local schools. Information on this is found here
  • Business Engagement with climate change is a large priority for us – look here for further details
  • All new council policy will be required to consider climate change through committee reports
  • Use this link to find out what our waste and recycling team are up. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

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