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Staffordshire Declaration

Climate Change Polar Bear

This Declaration has been signed by a number of organisations in Staffordshire, including ESBC, and provides a framework for combating carbon emissions.

It was originally signed in 2006 by a number of local organisations and undertook a second signing in 2008 to welcome further partners.

Energy Saving for a Better Climate

This is a commitment by all the partner organisations to act on climate change by working with stakeholders, including the local community.

Our County, Our Climate, Our Choice (OC3)

The OC3 (Our County, Our Climate, Our Choice) website portal was officially launched at the second declaration signing.

OC3 is intended as a guide to residents in Staffordshire on all aspects of climate change.

The portal includes information on:

  • The science behind climate change and the greenhouse effect, including a children’s guide and FAQs.
  • A section on the influence of climate change on Staffordshire, including case studies.
  • Information on assessing your home, travel & business in relation to climate change, including useful tips and advice.
  • Guidance on grants that may be available to the public and businesses.
  • Examples of what is being done locally and nationally to address climate change.
  • An interactive section with links and blogs in relation to climate change.

National Indicator Commitments

In relation to climate change, we are currently required to work towards a National Indicator 188.

  • 185 – to reduce CO2 emissions of the local authority operations, by 2% per year to meet the Climate Change Act 2008 goal of 80% reduction by 2050
  • 186 – to reduce the CO2 emissions of the local authority area by 1.5% annually for the next 3 years. This contributes to a total 12% reduction over 3 years, when added to central government measures
  • 188 – to implement the Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) and further work to assess and adapt to the risks posed by climate change

 To find out more about the National Indicator Commitments follow the link NI 188

Please read our Corporate Plan to find how the three National Indicators fit in with the council agenda.

Climate Change Strategy

This is the main driver of climate change work to our local authority. This is the climate change policy for ESBC and contains a number of proposals to address the above national indicators over the next few years. This will shortly be located below. 

The Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP)

The Local Climate Impacts Profile is an assessment of ESBCs vulnerability to severe weather. This contributes to level one of National Indicator 188. This assesses the impact the severe weather has on the services we provide and suggests improvements we should make to be prepared for climate change. Follow the links below to read the Executive Summary and our full Local Climate Impacts Profile. The appendices are also located below. Has your organisation conducted a Local Impacts Profile? 

Please contact us at for information on how to conduct your own LCLIP.

 Key Documents

Folder: Carbon Challenge PresentationsCarbon Challenge Presentations09/09/2011 09:42
Climate Change Strategy (final).pdfClimate Change Strategy (final)21/02/2011 15:351093 KB
East Staffordshire Borough Council HECA Report 2013.docxEast Staffordshire Borough Council HECA Report 201313/05/2013 08:58266 KB
East Staffordshire Local Climate Impacts Profile.pdfEast Staffordshire Local Climate Impacts Profile16/11/2010 11:242019 KB
ESBC Local Climate Impacts Profile Exec Summary.pdfESBC Local Climate Impacts Profile Exec Summary16/11/2010 11:24194 KB
Travel Plan 2010.pdfTravel Plan 201021/02/2011 15:36384 KB

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